Thavis Arnote Achievement Award

An annual award, together with a one-time stipend of $500 will be given to an associate for the MAI or SRA designation by the Kansas City Chapter of the Appraisal Institute in honor of Thavis R. Arnote, in recognition of his contribution to the real estate industry in general and to the appraisal profession. It is intended that this award will inspire those entering the profession to emulate the integrity and competency exhibited by Mr. Arnote throughout his career.

“Thavis Arnote was practicing as a narrative appraiser even before World War II. He came home badly wounded, though he stood tall and erect and displayed few outwardly observable effects. He resumed his practice and operated as a single practitioner at a time when that was much more common than it is today. He and his wife Cora lived for many years over the back fence of my late mentor, Jim Flanagan. They often collaborated as appraisers, and in fact co-invested in a number of residential properties around town.

What I most remember about him personally is that he always had time to visit with and advise those of us who were youngsters. His patience never waned when we posed questions that he must have considered silly. He was a mentor in fact, if not name, a treasured memory and a worthy role model.”

-Jim Summers

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