Chapter President's Message

A Message from 2017 Chapter President, Lin Schulze, MAI, AI-GRS, MBA

Hello fellow members,

I hope everyone is doing well and in the midst of a great holiday season! 

As my year as your Chapter President draws to a close I want to take a moment to thank you all for the opportunity to serve in this role.  I have enjoyed my four years on the chapter leadership team working in the role of Secretary, Treasurer, Vice President and President.  Not only has this service provided satisfaction, as we have tackled some tough issues, but it has also provided opportunities to travel to various venues and has allowed me to meet and create friendships and acquaintances with others in our profession across the country, including those that have taken the additional step forward to serve in regional and national leadership roles.  I would recommend to anyone that is considering volunteering their time to serve their fellow members, to volunteer for local committees and be sure to regularly attend the local meetings and socials so that you can get to know the other appraisers in the community.  Those steps will position you well in terms of volunteer and potential career opportunities, as well as providing the opportunity to create relationships with others who share the same career challenges and rewards. 

I would like to also thank Rosanne for all of her hard work and service to our local chapter.  I have been exposed briefly to other Executive Directors across the country and many are wonderful, but I can tell you that Rosanne takes a back seat to none of them.  You may only see her as the friendly face that checks you in at all meetings and events but I assure you that the work she does goes way beyond that valuable contribution.  All chapter officers and former officers can attest to the great work she does for us all behind the scenes.  Thanks Rosanne!

I would also like to thank my fellow officers, board members, and committee members, not only for this year but for those that have served throughout my four year tenure on the leadership team.  All of them have worked hard and provided good ideas, input and other significant contributions to the chapter.  I want to particularly thank those individuals that have held those roles this year as you have made it a pleasure to serve as the Chapter President.  Chief among those for this year, was the Vice President, Dennis Dull.  As the Vice President for 2017, Dennis was responsible for planning and booking of the speakers and meetings for this year.  Thanks to Dennis for his efforts on this front, as this can be a challenging and time-consuming process.  I am sure the chapter is in good hands and I am sure all of the 2018 board and committee members will continue to be a valued resource for Dennis as he embarks on his year of presidency.  

This year began in the latter stages of last year on several fronts.  We set up a meeting with the Kansas Real Estate Appraisal Board for January to discuss our upcoming proposal to allow for the use of alternative standards of practice for non-Federally Related Transactions work.  That meeting was attended by myself, Dennis Dull, Brian Reardon and national Appraisal Institute Manager of State and Industry Affairs, Scott DiBiasio.  That meeting was followed up by the introduction of legislation into the Kansas House (K.S.A. 58-4121) on this proposal, spearheaded through the efforts of Dennis Dull, MAI.  I am sure Dennis will continue to work with the legislature on this issue as it moves forward.    

In addition to that proposal, the Appraisal Institute introduced, in late 2016, the Chapter Financial Management Administration Policy.  That introduction was, admittedly, poorly presented and national and regional leadership learned a valuable lesson of inclusion.  That policy was rolled back and national and regional leadership has been very vocal at meetings in asking for feedback from membership on this and other topics.  That policy is currently being beta-tested by 17 chapters.  In our chapter we have opted to wait until beta-testing has been furthered to allow time for other chapters to “work out the bugs”, and to determine if we would like to request inclusion. 

The Appraisal Institute Governance Structure Project Team Recommendations also were rolled out for comment in the Spring of 2017.  The project team was tasked with projecting how the Institute’s organization structure would look if the Institute were to be designed today.  These are just recommendations and not a formal plan, although national leadership will be carefully considering various items brought forth by this team.  Leadership is stressing that everyone should take the time to look at these recommendations and provide comments on these recommendations as there will very likely be structural changes over the next couple of years and your input is very important.  To review the Appraisal Institute Governance Structure Project Team Recommendations and FAQ, simply go to the AI website, and type Governance in the search bar at the top right of that site.   

Within our chapter, 2017 marked the beginning of an educational shift as the construct of our current membership dictates a shift to fewer qualifying class offerings and more seminars going forward.  We are planning further discussions on this as we move forward but you can expect to see more changes in offerings that are reflective of this shift in 2018 and beyond.       

I feel one of the main responsibilities of the Chapter leadership is to emphasize to you, the members, the important items that are under consideration on national issues, as well as Appraisal Institute-specific issues.  Exposure to these items is available for all but, for chapter leadership, these items are discussed in greater detail by regional and national leadership on conference calls and at meetings.  I have put effort into assuring these items are emphasized to the membership at our local chapter meetings, as well as through emails and chapter newsletters.  I hope you have found these helpful.

As always, let the Chapter Leadership know if there are any questions or issues you would like to put forth or discuss.

Thanks again for the opportunity to serve!


Lin Schulze, MAI, AI- GRS

President, 2017, Appraisal Institute- Kansas City Chapter